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Javier Suárez

Javier Suárez

Javier Suárez Bernaldo de Quirós (born 1966, in Madrid) is a Spanish economist who is known for his specialization in financial crises. He studied economics at the Complutense University of Madrid (Bachelor’s degree, 1989) and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Doctorate, 1994). He was a Postdoctoral fellow at the Harvard University (1994) and Lecturer in Economics at the London School of Economics (1994–1996). He currently works as a professor at CEMFI (Centro de EstudiosMonetarios y Financieros, Center for Monetary and Financial Studies), and collaborates with Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), with the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI) and with the Editorial Board of the Review of Finance.


Awards and scholarships

  • CEMFI MSc Scholarship (1989–1991)

  • CEMFI Prize to the Best Student of the Class (1991)

  • Pre-doctoral grant from the Spanish Ministry of Education (1992)

  • Research grant from Fundación BBVA (1993).

  • 5th Fundacion Banco Herrero Prize(2006)