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Oil Mantri add fuel to digital money drive – Pradhan

December 4, 2016 around 12:44PM IST, “The Economic Times” posted this report that Oil Mantri adds fuel to digital money drive.

Oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan has hit the campaign trail, using petrol pumps and cooking gas dealerships of state-run fuel retailers as the government’s public interface to wean people away from cash and encourage cashless payment systems.

Pradhan visited petrol pumps of Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum in the capital to launch a month-long programme to familiarise consumers with epayment systems such as mobile wallets etc, besides debit and credit cards. He is scheduled to visit fuel stations of Indian Oil Corporation and Indraprastha Gas Ltd on Sunday to add fuel to the campaign through direct interaction with consumers.

The Prime Minister has launched a major economic and social reform (by taking on black money through demonetization and promoting less cash financial environment)…petrol pumps and LPG dealerships touch people’s lives in every corner of the country. In that sense, these are the government’s public touch points and will run the campaign for a month to spread awareness about e-payment methods.

The Commission finds this move from the oil minister as humanitarian act. He did an amazing campaign to encourage the society or their people to embrace a cashless payment system. It is not just a simple 2-3days campaign to promote it but it’s a month-long program to help consumers to familiarize this change in their society.

Also, the Commission did notice the bravery of this minister to launch a major reform socially and economically by taking on the black money through demonetization and help promote less cash financial environment.

Leading the people to adapt changes really a good thing in a leader because they are not just concern about their economic activity in a specific country but as well as the awareness of their constituents that will help boom their economy.