Electronic Money Supervisory Commission


  • Can digital money buy what money can’t?

    By Dheeraj Sinha Calibrating our ambition The issue with selling new ideas and technology to India is that the supply side is more eager and breathless than the consumer usually is. Predictions such as 'Indian digital payments market will reach...

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  • India to mull monitoring digital currencies to track crime

    By Shruti Srivastava and Santosh Kumar India is considering tracking digital currencies like bitcoin through the central bank and capital markets regulator along with intelligence agencies to monitor money laundering and terrorist financing, people with the knowledge of the matter...

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  • Evolving the Digital Money Ecosystem

    by Citi Two key themes shone through in every discussion of the third annual Digital Money Symposium: adaptation, and collaboration. The digital environment is too great and too complex for any one company, or sector, to dominate. Instead, we need to create a...

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  • Making money visible: digital money and financial precarity amongst Chinese migrant workers

    by Tom McDonald In the summer of 2016, I and my students were in the industrial city of Shenzhen, South East China, conducting a small exploratory study aimed at gaining an overview of migrant factory workers’ attitudes towards digital money platforms....

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  • Future of Money: Classifying virtual currency systems

    By Aaron Smith Since the beginning of the digital age, pundits have hailed virtual currencies as the future of our civilization’s money.  While it may be difficult to imagine a cash-less society, it’s important to understand that money is merely...

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  • Digital money, mobile wallets and Latin America

    A recent wave of global and regional announcements regarding mobile wallets and  payment systems has casual and close followers alike asking some the same questions. What exactly are they talking about? Whether the statements are promoting digital money, mobile payments,...

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