Electronic Money Supervisory Commission

ICO Certification

ICO Certification


The Electronic Money Supervisory Commission is pleased to inform everyone the new the new ICO Certification, which consist of a panel Fintech experts from foreign exchange and crypto currency markets, who will help drive the certification standards and protocols.

The certification is limited to the assessment by EMSCOMM of the cryptocurrency platform of the issuer being in line with the minimum set of criteria determined by the EMSCOMM, some of which may be mandatory for certification approval. Financial Commission will issue certification only when all outstanding requirements have been met by companies that apply for ICO certification, and the standards for ICO certification will continually evolve based on the stewardship from EMSCOMM’S ICO Certification Committee.

The EMSCOMM’S primary goal for conducting certification is to minimize the spread of fraudulent activities through out the ICO community. There has been a drastically increase on the application for ICO just this year alone and no organization has built a standard certification for the assurance and legitimacy of all companies who wanted to apply. EMSCOMM together with a set of panel with high knowledge about ICO and cryptocurrency will work hard in achieving a safe, secure and reliable ICO.


Step 1.

Submit a letter of application. You can Submit all your application to our EMSCOMM email at info@emscomm.eu with the subject ICO CERTIFICATION APPLICATION.

Step 2.

Submit Documents. Attach the following documents to your application.

  1. White paper
  2. Business plan
  3. Organizational chart
  4. Certificate of corporation
  5. ICO business plan

Step 3.

All submitted applications to our Email will be reviewed by our panel and from there, we will be filtering all applications (considering our guideline and standards). All application that will pass this step can proceed to the next step while the applications that did not pass will receive an email from us accordingly.

Step 4.

Inspection. We will be setting up an inspection to your corporation and would ask you to answer a particular questionnaire regarding your application and other security measures.

Step 5.

Once we reviewed your answer to the questionnaire and passed the inspection. Applicants can now proceed to the final interview where a panel of professionals will be asking your questions regarding the application.

Step 6.

Releasing of Certification. Once the panel decided that your ICO application is good to go, EMSCOMM will be giving you our certificate as well as 2 private advisers which is a member of our Commission itself. EMSCOMM will also be providing your corporation talent support and will be enlisted on our Official ICO Record.