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Digital Money: The New Era of Internet Commerce

Digital Money: The New Era of Internet Commerce

Author: Daniel C. Lynch, Leslie Lundquist

Date published: May 24, 2016

This book provides decision makers with an invaluable head start on the emerging world of Internet commerce. Digital Money explains the processes, issues, and strategic considerations of options now or soon to be, available. It helps you to understand the various ways in which your business can benefit from developing Internet transaction capabilities. And it provides answers to an array of practical considerations, such as how much it will cost you to set up and maintain a digital exchange system, what types of technologies and resources you will need to support it, which methods are most appropriate for your type of business, and many others.

It also explains the technical basics of secure digital transactions, including encryption and digital signatures and that includes the essential principles of exchanging digital money and goods. Describe current and emerging forms of digital financial transaction, including direct sales, online investing and banking, and the exchange of commodities. This contains also critical reviews proposed protocols and standards now vying for predominance, including Netscape, CyberCash, DigiCash, and First Virtual Holdings. Finally, describe creative ways for using digital money to open new markets and sales opportunities.