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Digital Currencies How They Work: And How to Make Money with Digital Currencies

Digital Currencies How They Work: And How to Make Money with Digital Currencies

Author: Alexander Osorio Munera

Date published: April 29, 2017


Do you want to understand what digital currencies are? Do you want to invest in Bitcoin or any other type of digital money but you are not sure about how they work and how they can make you money? Do you want to know why this type of technology has made so many millionaires during the last decade? Would you like to know whether you still can become a millionaire with digital currencies? This book will give you very useful information you can use in order to take decisions about whether to invest or not in Bitcoin, Etherium or any other currency. Did you know that people like Bill Gates and Richard Branson have already invested in Bitcoin, Bill Gates even says that Digital Currencies are better than normal fiat currencies. So why wouldn´t we use it, why wouldn´t governments make use of this technology in order to make the financial world easier for everyone? Let´s have a look at some of the reasons why governments don´t want to approve digital currencies as a legal financial currency that can circulate in banks. Learn about the latest online inventions that can hack the financial system and stop banks from keeping us paying them for services they don´t even provide, from charging us for keeping our money, from charging ridiculous amounts of money for international transactions, from delaying transactions because of the middle man system they use in order to transfer your payments to providers in other parts of the world… All that could be history with digital currencies…